Fund Platform

Fund sponsors and their investors are increasingly seeking alternatives to common onshore or offshore jurisdictions for domiciling funds, such as Malta, Luxembourg, Cayman Islands and BVI. The DIFC’s fund regime uniquely combines regional presence and tax advantages through a series of multiple Double Taxation Treaties with a well regulated, cost effective onshore status in a sound and tested common law jurisdiction.

Gateway is authorised by the DFSA to ‘Manage Collective Investment Funds’ in the DIFC. This allows the Company to establish DIFC Domestic Funds as ‘fund manager’ (i.e. operator) together with new partners in an efficient and timely manner. While the DIFC fund would be sponsored by external asset managers who may also act as delegated investment advisors or investment manager in relation to the underlying asset class of the fund, Gateway undertakes to assume the legal and regulatory responsibilities in terms of operation of the fund.

Gateway and its sister company Investbridge also provide fund distribution assistance access to its MENA distribution network.

Gateway offers the following funds: